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Deepanjali Retreat

Our culture and tradition holds the key to good health, this inspiration laid the foundation to Deepanjali, the Ayurveda Rejuvenation Resort. Deepanjali holds elements of surrealism and authenticity that goes far beyond to create a meaningful health care system. Deepanjali takes pride in its association with the renowned Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), recognized and franchised by AVP ensures that the medicines used are the best available in India.

Following traditions and adhering to the climatic conditions, Deepanjali has been built beautifully in the Keralian Architecture style. There is a brilliant play of nature’s hue in the locality where Deepanjali blooms! The peaceful and serene atmosphere sprawls across 1.5 acre and holds 8 cottages. The landscape of Deepanjali metamorphose into myriad picturesque images with an energy that is most smothering. Spreading & kindle the joy of knowledge in its area is a library space that holds a huge collection of books on Ayurveda. The restaurant serves mouth watering Indian food and the vegetables used are produced organically.

A team of Doctos, trained therapies and masseurs cater to the needs of the client in a designated area at Deepanjali. The eminent doctors have put together a treatment plan that includes a set of therapies, diet and medicine, this combination ensures good health. Deepanjali takes pride in catering to individual needs of a person and plans its treatment accordingly.

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