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Special Treatments

Aging is known as ‘Jara’ or ‘vardhakya’ in Ayurveda. Ayurveda classifies the life time of a human being into : Bala (childhood – up to 16yrs), Vivardhamana (16-20yrs), Youvana (20-30yrs), Sampoornata (30-40 yrs), Parihani (after 40yrs).After the age of 40 the body elements,sense organs , strength etc starts to deteriorate. If proper care is not imparted, leads to many conditions like degenerative diseases, metabolic disorders , stress and anxiety etc. The utmost care and warm environment here at Deepanjali Wellness and Retreat along with the treatments ensures a healthy life ahead.The treatments include Abhyanga, Sweda, Ksheeradhara, Thailadhara, Shirodhara, Patrapotala sweda, Njavarakizhi etc.

Treatment differs with constitution and condition of the person and is decided after direct consultation with the doctor. The treatments aim to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in the elder adults. The treatments are rejuvenating and restorative, reduces stress and anxiety, eliminates toxins and calms the body.

Time duration: 7/14/21 days.

Soothika Paricharya

In Ayurveda ‘soothika’ refers to a woman in her post - partum period. There are some regimens to be followed by the soothika to regain back her health and give her new born a healthy life which is termed as ‘Soothika charya’, meaning regimens to be followed post-partum. The charya includes treatments like Abhyanga,Sweda,Patrapotala Sweda,Kayaseka,Njavara kizhi etc .Treatments differ with constitution and condition of the person and is decided after direct consultation with the doctor. Soothika charya includes treatment for both mother and the child. The treatment helps the mother in relieving the physical and mental strain endured during the delivery.

Soothika Paricharya

It helps in restoring the pelvic structure, supports healthy lactation, strengthens the body and clarifies the mind. Along with the External treatments, internal medications, balanced diet, yoga, lifestyle etc are administered. The daily abhyanga and snana in medicated water and proper lactation helps in nourishing and strengthening the new born baby. Treatment can be started after a week or according to the condition of the person.

Package can be availed for 7/10/14 days.

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