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Ayurvedic Library

Spreading & kindle the joy of knowledge in its area is a library space that holds a huge collection of books on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and much more. These books can be used for references and studies. Your visit to Deepanjali can be just to lay hands on the books kept at the library. Moving out of the celluloid world and actually flipping through the age old vedic documents can be refreshing for the mind. The library is neatly tucked by a vast collection of Puranas and Granthas. People who are passionate about Ayurveda can also find solitude among this large collection of books.


Most of the traditional houses in Kerala have a Sarpa Kavu (meaning Abode of Snakes) in their compound and it is a ritual to light a lamp for the Snake God everyday. There are many beliefs that illness can be kept away by offerings made at the Sarpakavu. Deepanjali values this tradition and holds a sacred place in its property for a Sarpakavu. The Kavu (Temple) contains a representation of Naga Raja in the form of a stone sculpture (King of the Snakes) and other Naga Devatas (snake deities), where offerings and rites are performed during special ceremonies.


At Deepanjali, yoga is all about recovery and rejuvenation. You can opt for yoga under the guidance of a yoga expert. Deepanjali celebrates diversity in yoga by combining breathing techniques, postures, stretching and meditation in a joyful manner. There are numerous benefits in yoga. It brings about an all over discipline to life. Embark yourself on a journey with yoga and meditation which will lead you to good health and happiness. This is also a way to relax your body from the stress of the world outside. It helps you to strengthen your inner thoughts and also connect to yourself. After a few sessions of yoga, you will find tangible benefits. So reap the best out of these sessions. At Deepanjali, yoga is taught with a motive to re-balance, restore and revive you. There is Satsang at Arsha Yoga every Saturday evening.

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