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Integrity of structures, forms and shapes all bond together to give life to Deepanjali which would fulfill the dreams of the millions who want to spend a few days in their dream home. Built in traditional Kerala architecture style, Deepanjali is an awesome sight. Eight cottages form the retreat and the surrounding is peaceful and serene. The cottages are surrounded by a garden full of trees and plants. The greenery is brought in by coconut trees, mango trees, banyan trees, bamboo plants, medicinal plants, lawns, flower beds and vegetable garden. The 1.5 acre property also has an exclusive ayurveda and yoga/meditation center, a traditional style lotus pond and thatched restaurant. Deepanjali exudes a feeling of tranquility and remains as a beautiful experience in the hearts of the guests.


The treatments are done in a designated area for ayurveda by trained therapists, doctors and masseurs. All the treatments are done with utmost care, and patients are exposed to serene ambience which helps them to get refreshed by both body and soul. The cottage has all the facilities for advanced ayurvedic therapies and related treatments.


The In house vegetarian restaurant at Deepanjali is built with thatched roof for a natural effect, and serves sumptuous traditional Indian food. Most of the delicacies servered at the "Amruthamgamaya" are prepared by using non pesticide organic products such as vegetables, rice and cereals. Tried and tested cooking methods ensure that the natural vitamins of food are not destroyed. Learn the secrets of eating ‘Good Food’ at Deepanjali. A strict vegetarian diet ensures that the patient is treated with a wholesome approach. The restaurant also takes pride in educating guests and patients about the cuisine, its preparation and ingredients used. This is done so that once back home, the guests can replicate those recipes. Kerala is well known around the world for its spices and at Deepanjali, chosen spices are used for their medicinal value. The restaurant at Deepanjali delights one and all with a wholesome cuisine steeped in tradition.


At Deepanjali, yoga is all about recovery and rejuvenation. You can opt for yoga under the guidance of our yoga experts. Deepanjali celebrates diversity in yoga by combining breathing techniques, postures, stretching and meditation in a joyful manner. There are numerous benefits in yoga. It brings about an all over discipline to life. Embark yourself on a journey with yoga which will lead you to good health and happiness. This is also a way to relax your body from the stress of the world outside. It helps you to strengthen your inner thoughts and also connect to yourself. After a few sessions of yoga, you will find tangible benefits. So reap the best out of these sessions. At Deepanjali, yoga is taught with a motive to re-balance, restore and revive you.


The internationally acclaimed ' Raja Yoga Meditation Centre' is renowned for its meditation enactments for the past many decades. Headquartered at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. It's wings are spread world wide in more than 140 countries. This meditation group is operational in Deepanjali since 2017.


Badminton is a sport that completely enhances our mind and body at the same time. It requires sheer concentration and more physical effort, thus it badminton can be very much beneficial exercise and this can really influence the formation of your body. We have a spacious court to carry out the game of badminton, and we also provide the badminton racket for the same.


Our resort is highly eco-friendly and surrounded by lush green atmosphere. We also have herbal and vegetable garden, so that makes our customers can have a poison free, clean vegetables and fruits as eatables. We have almost all vegetables grown naturally and we used to cook food in our restaurant with this naturally grown vegetables. Our place is a house for many herbal plants and we use these plants for ayurvedic treatments. Altogether, the garden has an alluring appearance and revives the ethical sense in every individual.


Lotus is always attached with serenity and harmony. In Deepanjali wellness and Retreat centre, there is a natural lotus pond, which gives a pleasing visual and enhances the overall beauty of the place. One can sit near the pond and relax and sometimes treatments are done near the pond. The pond is big enough and is always filled with beautiful lotuses. Lotus is also used for treatments and the flower has a medicinal effect too.


We have broadened pathways that makes the walking part easy for guests as well as patients. The major advantage of these spacious pathways are that, it never makes you feel crowded, even if there are lot of people moving. One can freely move through these pathways and enjoy the place to its fullest.


spreading & kindle the joy of knowledge in its area is a library space that holds a huge collection of books on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and much more. These books can be used for references and studies. Your visit to Deepanjali can be just to lay hands on the books kept at the library. Moving out of the celluloid world and actually flipping through the age old vedic documents can be refreshing for the mind. The library is neatly tucked by a vast collection of Puranas and Granthas. People who are passionate about Ayurveda can also find solitude among this large collection of books.


We have an inhouse pharmacy from where your can get ayurvedic medicines or related services. This pharmacy is affordable for common people. Some of the medicine in this pharmacy is prepared from the plants grown in the herbal garden and thus it won't contain any kind of poison and one can have it without the fear of any side effects.


Even if you are taking treatment in our resort, you can remain connected with the outside world through our high speed internet connectivity and WiFi services. Our clients can access the WiFi facility at any time during their stay in Deepanjali. Thus, we are high in technological aspect too. But we always recommend to use Mobiles and internet as less as possible, as it involves lot of radiations which may be harmful for our body. But if its important, then we always have our internet facility for our patrons.


Most of the traditional houses in Kerala have a Sarpa Kavu (meaning Abode of Snakes) in their compound and it is a ritual to light a lamp for the Snake God everyday. There are many beliefs that illness can be kept away by offerings made at the Sarpakavu. Deepanjali values this tradition and holds a sacred place in its property for a Sarpakavu. The Kavu (Temple) contains a representation of Naga Raja in the form of a stone sculpture (King of the Snakes) and other Naga Devatas (snake deities), where offerings and rites are performed during special ceremonies.

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