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Ayurveda Resort

Integrity of structures, forms and shapes all bond together to give life to Deepanjali which would fulfill the dreams of the millions who want to spend a few days in their dream home. Built in traditional Kerala architecture style, Deepanjali is an awesome sight. Eight cottages form the retreat and the surrounding is peaceful and serene. The cottages are surrounded by a garden full of trees and plants. The greenery is brought in by coconut trees, mango trees, banyan trees, bamboo plants, medicinal plants, lawns, flower beds and vegetable garden. The 1.5 acre property also has an exclusive ayurveda and yoga/meditaion center, a traditional style lotus pond and thatched restaurant. Deepanjali exudes a feeling of tranquility and remains as a beautiful experience in the hearts of the guests.

Ayurveda Therapies

The treatments are done in a designated area for ayurveda by trained therapists, doctors and masseurs. Being franchised by Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, you can be rest ensures that the best ayurvedic products are in use. Patients are treated with utmost care and their health history is studied and recorded for treatment. The treatment plan is charted out by experienced doctors at Deepanjali. The treatment includes therapies, medicines and diets which are individually prescribed according a patient’s unique condition.

The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), Coimbatore

It is Deepanjali Wellness & Retreat’s privilege to join hands with one of the best Ayurveda enterprise establishments in India. AVP offers highly reputed services in the fields of Education, Research, Pharmacy and Clinical Practice in Ayurveda. It manufactures around 400 therapeutic formulations in two GMP certified production facilities in Kerala. AVP is the first Ayurveda company in South India to receive Government, GMP certification for production standards under the WHO guidelines for Ayurveda. For more details, visit

Ayurveda Restaurant

The Inhouse vegitarian restaurant at Deepanjali is built with thatched roof for a natural effect, and serves sumptuous traditional Indian food. Organic vegetables are used to prepare most of the delicacies at the restaurant. Tried and tested cooking methods ensure that the natural vitamins of food are not destroyed. Learn the secrets of eating ‘Good Food’ at Deepanjali. A strict vegetarian diet ensures that the patient is treated with a wholesome approach. The restaurant also takes pride in educating guests and patients about the cuisine, its preparation and ingredients used. This is done so that once back home, the guests can replicate those recipes. Kerala is well known around the world for its spices and at Deepanjali, chosen spices are used for their medicinal value. The restaurant at Deepanjali delights one and all with a wholesome cuisine steeped in tradition.

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