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Dhanyamla dhara

Dhanyamla dhara

Dhanyamla is derived from two root terms - Dhanya(cereal) and amla(vinegar) . Thus Dhanyamla means fermented cereal. Also called Veppukadi in Kerala, Dhanyamla is prepared by a special fermentation process and is poured over the affected body part in a continuous stream.


Medicated oil may be applied to the body prior to Dhanyamla dhara depending on the individual's condition. The body is then covered with a cloth or blanket and Dhanyamla is poured over the body in lukewarm condition in a continuous, rhythmic manner. The cloth or blanket helps to maintain the heat. Dhanyamla has to be kept lukewarm throughout the treatment session.

Duration Of Therapy

Treatment can last anywhere from 45 to 50 minutes depending upon the patient's condition. Dhanyamla dhara may be done for a specific area or the full body and may be prescribed for 7 days or 14 days depending on the severity of the illness.

Medicines Used

Depending on the individual's constitution different thailas like Kottamchukkadi thailam, Sahacharadi thailam etc are used. Rice, horse gram, lime, millet, ginger and carom seeds are some of the ingredients used to prepare dhanyamla. It takes about 7 days to prepare it.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Activates the nervous system
  • Reduces inflammation and muscular pain
  • Reduces excess fat
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Useful for hemiplegia, rheumatic complaints etc

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