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Panchakarma / Detoxification / Purifactory Therapies / Penta Bio Clensing Methods

Panchakarma in ayurveda is the detoxification procedure to eliminate the toxic substances from different tracts of the body.

  • 1.Vamana(emesis):
    Mainly opted for Upper Respiratory tract diseases. It is for those who have more of a Kapha dosa vitiation leading to some ailments like Asthma, Psoriasis, Headache, Acidity, etc…
  • 2.Virechana(purgation)
    Mainly done in pitta dosa vitiated problems.Blood purification is also done by this type of panchakarma. Eg:- Greying of hairs, Acidity, Skin related issues, etc.
  • 3.Vasti(enema)
    Medicated enema given through anal route for all the ailments especially related to vata dosa.Eg:- Artheritis, infertility, etc
  • 4.Nasyam (Nasal insufflations)
    Nasal medication to remove brain degeneration disorders including headache, parkinsonism, Alzhimers, etc
  • 5.Rakta Mokshana (blood letting therapy)
    Blood letting therapy/ leech therapy for purification of blood to improve skin texture and other skin related disorders like eczema etc.
Aims and Importance of panchakarma
  • To remove ailments of diseased person
  • To maintain health of health person
  • To obtain extra ordinary qualities like Rasayana and Vajikarma
Important Benefits

According to seasons, the base predominance of doshas and manifestation of seasonal disease can be reduced. One can achieve a disease free life if they include panchakarma in their life. Hence the “Prevention is better than cure”.

Why Panchakarma?

Just as the service our vehicles for its good condition and great performance on road, same way we need to undergo panchakarma therapies every year for a better health and prosperity. Because “Health is Wealth”

  • The availability of a qualified and experienced Doctor for the consultation and daily evaluation
  • Health care assistance by the trained therapists
  • Internal medicines during the treatment
  • Welcome drink
  • Vegetarian meals at our in-house restaurant "Amardagamaya"
  • Wi fi access
  • Herbal / Vegetable / Fruit garden
  • Raja yoga meditation centre
  • Guided village walks
  • Pathway along the lush green landscape
  • Lotus pond
  • Occasional cultural programme
  • Badminton court
Service on Request
  • Pick up and drop from or to the nearby Kochi International Airport, Thrissur Railway Station or any other Airport or Railway Station
  • Laundry services
  • Sightseeing, shopping and other travel trips can be arranged with the assistance of travel desk.
  • Laboratory service

 Ayurvedic treatment centre in Kerala
Package Rates Not Available for 7 days
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56700 - 21 days
72800 - 28 days
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Three Persons sharing a cottage with extra bed
( 700 + 1000 ) / day
Ac Cottage
3100 / day + 5 % GST
Non-Ac Cottage
2600 / day + 5 % GST
500 / hr
700 / day + 5 % GST

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